Formulated with the S-FIBER blend of 5 kinds of dietary fiber, just 1 sachet of PURIFICAR contains 4.4g of dietary fiber!

PURIFICAR was developed by Naturally Plus over a 3-year period using dietary fiber sourced from 5 kinds of carefully-selected plants. With PURIFICAR, you can easily obtain an amount of dietary fiber approximately equivalent to that of 2 heads of lettuce, or 4 bananas.

  • ※ 210g of edible portion of lettuce is taken as 1 head of lettuce; 100g of lettuce leaves is taken to contain 1.1g of dietary fiber.
  • ※ 100g of edible portion of banana is taken as 1 banana; 100g of banana is taken to contain 1.1g of dietary fiber. (From the STANDARD TABLES OF FOOD COMPOSITION IN JAPAN, Fifth Revised and Enlarged Edition)

Enjoy the benefits of 3 more ingredients in addition to dietary fiber

In addition to S-FIBER, PURIFICAR is also packed with natural vitamin C for healthy skin, enzyme complex for overall vitality, and xylo-oligosaccharides that support the growth of good bacteria.

Awarded the Symbol of National Quality in Taiwan

The Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry in Taiwan conducts reviews on the safety and quality of healthcare supplements in the market. Only products that satisfy the strict evaluation criteria will receive the SNQ, or Symbol of National Quality, a formal recognition of quality assurance in Taiwan.